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      1. 張家港順昌化工有限公司

        Zhangjiagang Shunchang Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Phosphorus series flame retardant, amino resin professional manufacturer

        Phosphorus flame retardants such as TBEP, TIBP, TCPP, TEP, IPPP, TMP, etc.


        ■  Phosphorus flame retardant

        ■  Coating

        ■  Resin

        ■  Dispersant



        Tributoxyethyl phosphate (TBEP)

        Product name Tributoxyethyl phosphate
        CAS NO. 78-51-3
        Molecular formula C18H39PO7
        Molecular weight 398.48
        Quality Index
        Index Name Index
        Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
        Acid value (mgKOH/g) ≤0.1
        Color (APHA) ≤50
        Boiling point °C 225
        Burning point °C 251
        Flash point °C 223
        Specific gravity (20/25°C) 1.017-1.023
        Viscosity (20°C) 12mPas
        Moisture% Less than 0.2
        Physicochemical properties Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid,
        boiling point 210-220°C,
        refractive index n25=1.432-1.438,
        solubility in water at 20°C 0.11%,
        specific gravity (25°C) 1.012-1.023,
        flash point: 223°C,
        soluble in alcohol , phosphorus and other organic solvents.
        Uses This product is a flame-retardant plasticizer. It is mainly used for flame-retardant and plasticizing of polyurethane resin, cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol, etc. It has good low-temperature characteristic
        Packing 200kg/galvanized metal pail. 20-23tons/ISOTANK.

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