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      1. 張家港順昌化工有限公司

        Zhangjiagang Shunchang Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Phosphorus series flame retardant, amino resin professional manufacturer

        Phosphorus flame retardants such as TBEP, TIBP, TCPP, TEP, IPPP, TMP, etc.


        ■  Phosphorus flame retardant

        ■  Coating

        ■  Resin

        ■  Dispersant




        Product Brief 5041 is a general-purpose pigment filler Dispersant, which has excellent dispersion stability for water-based Coating pigments.
        General characteristics
        Item Index
        Appearance Yellow transparent viscous liquid
        Composition Sodium Polycarboxylate Dispersant
        Solid content (mass%) not less than 40
        PH value 7.5
        Ionicity Anion
        Solubility soluble in water
        Application characteristics ♦ It is very effective for inorganic pigment dispersion. 
        ♦ High dispersion efficiency, low bubble during grinding. 
        ♦ Common use with alkaline swelling non-associated (ASE) thickener and hydrophobic modified alkali swelling association (HASE) thickener Excellent stability. 
        ♦ Excellent compatibility with cellulosic thickeners. 
        ♦ Soft odor, no irritation, stable viscosity after lacquer finish, good freeze-thaw stability. 
        ♦ Please ventilated Use. 
        ♦ Wear protective glasses, protective gloves, masks and other protective equipment during operation. 
        ♦ If it touches the skin, wash it with soap and water immediately. 
        ♦ If you accidentally get in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and request Doctor's diagnosis. 
        ♦ If you inadvertently enter the mouth, you should immediately seek medical treatment. 
        ♦ Wash hands and gargle after use . ♦ Keep 
        at 5-40 °C, if the performance is frozen, but need to be heated to 30 before use. -40 °C dissolved and fully mixed.
        Instructions 5041 should be added at the grinding stage of Coating production. The amount of addition should be 0.3 to 1.0% of pigment/filler (solid) weight added to Dispersant.
        Packing 25kg or 200kg metal pail or plastic bucket

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