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      1. 張家港順昌化工有限公司

        Zhangjiagang Shunchang Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Phosphorus series flame retardant, amino resin professional manufacturer

        Phosphorus flame retardants such as TBEP, TIBP, TCPP, TEP, IPPP, TMP, etc.


        ■  Phosphorus flame retardant

        ■  Coating

        ■  Resin

        ■  Dispersant




        Product Brief 5040 is a dispersant of polycarboxylate sodium dispersant. It is an efficient and low-cost pigment filler Dispersant. It has excellent dispersing and stabilizing effect on pigment pigments for aqueous coating.
        General characteristics
        Item Index
        Appearance Yellow transparent viscous liquid
        Solid content (mass%) 40-42
        PH value 7.5
        Specific gravity 1.29 (25°C)
        Ionicity Anion
        Solubility soluble in water
        Application characteristics ♦ High dispersion efficiency: 5040 Less Dispersant Dosage, no need to assist Dispersant in the dispersion process. The results of the Dispersant Dosage experiment on a variety of pigments show that the best Dosage of 5040 is low. The dispersion viscosity curve is flat L type, indicating Dosage There is not much undesirable effect. Therefore, when selecting the appropriate Dosage 5040, the optical and physical properties of the coating remain stable even if the amount of material changes. 
        ♦ Good viscosity stability: 5040 makes the viscosity of the coating very stable and hot Aging test viscosity will not change. 
        ♦ excellent gloss retention: 5040 in glossy and semi-gloss paint can get excellent initial gloss, good gloss retention after heat aging. 
        ♦ Full color development: 5040 Can improve the color tone. When coloring with colorants, the Dispersant is often added to the Coating to improve the coloring. Experience has shown that in the use of colorants, 5040 as a pigment Dispersant, not only can not use the wetting agent Affect the color effect, but also can improve the water resistance and save cost. 
        ♦ Can be used together with active nutrients, 5040 can be used together with active nutrients such as zinc oxide. For example: It is used in abrasives As the only Dispersant, the zinc oxide content can be allowed to reach 2%, and the emulsion paint produced has a flat viscosity curve. After one month aging experiment at 50°C, the viscosity is stable. No need to add auxiliary Dispersant, wetting agent or non-additive. Ionic Surfactant. 
        ♦ Less Foam: Coating foam containing 5040 has very low foaming properties for three reasons: First, Dispersant itself has a low foaming property. Secondly, because there is no need to add other surfactants, the chance of foaming is reduced. The third reason is that there is less Dosage with high dispersion efficiency. Therefore, after adding 5040, the Coating will rarely foam during manufacture and use.
        ♦ Good resistance to rinsing: With less than 5040 Dosage, there is little need to add other wetting agents to improve dispersibility and coloring, which gives the dry film excellent water resistance.
        Instructions ♦5040 has the largest pigment carrying capacity and is economically viable. It is suitable for a variety of pigment packing systems, including light and peace grade rutile titanium dioxide, natural calcium carbonate and china clay. In the production of iron red, iron yellow pulp and molybdenum orange red dispersion 5040 is also effective. 
        ♦ 5040 titanium dioxide and filler is the main Dispersant, it and ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are ideal for easy use in dispersion grinding. 
        ♦ 5040 is effective in a wide range of Dosage It is recommended that the determination of Dosage should be based on the requirements of the formulation for the dispersant and the heat storage stability. 
        Refer to the following method for details: 
        (1) Weigh out 500 g of water and add it to the grinding container. 
        (2) Start the high-speed disperser, Stir at lowest speed. 
        (3) Add pigment to the water until a high viscosity slurry is formed. Note the weight of the added pigment. 
        (4) Take about 250 ml of the slurry, place it into a 300 ml plastic bottle and record the weight 
        (5) Determine the viscosity with a Brookfield Viscometer at 12 rpm. 
        (6) Add 50 % (weight/weight, relative to the pigment solids) of 5040, accurately record the weight, measure the viscosity after high speed dispersion, and 
        (7) repeat the above Steps until the volume is small Then draw viscosity curves corresponding to different Dispersant Dosage drawing on graph paper. 
        (8) is 1.5 times the optimum Dispersant Dosage Dispersant Dosage when low viscosity.
        Operational notes ♦ Please use under the ventilation condition. 
        ♦ Wear protective glasses, protective gloves, masks and other protective equipment during operation. 
        ♦ If it touches the skin carelessly, wash immediately with soap and wood. 
        ♦ If you accidentally enter the eyes, Immediately wash with plenty of water and ask your doctor for diagnosis. 
        ♦ If you accidentally get into the mouth, seek medical advice immediately. 
        ♦ Wash hands and mouthwash after use . ♦ Keep 
        at 5-40°C. If it freezes, its performance will not change, but before use. Need water bath heated to 30-40 °C dissolved and fully mixed.
        Packing 25kg or 200kg metal pail or plastic bucket

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