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      1. 張家港順昌化工有限公司

        Zhangjiagang Shunchang Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Phosphorus series flame retardant, amino resin professional manufacturer

        Phosphorus flame retardants such as TBEP, TIBP, TCPP, TEP, IPPP, TMP, etc.


        ■  Phosphorus flame retardant

        ■  Coating

        ■  Resin

        ■  Dispersant



        Follow the business aim "science and technology is in advance, the quality is the base", in order to ensure the quality of each product reaches the demands, we:
        1) Follow strictly ISO 9001 International Quality System Standards, set up a whole set of system from the raw materials inspection, manufacturing process, technological control and adjustment, product test to after-sale service.
        2) Introduce professional high-tech equipment to ensure the perfection and standardization of product quality.
        3) Take scientific research technology as its backup force, take developing products as pioneer, produce products meeting the need of the markets one after another.

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